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DJ Useo 2012 Year Of The Mashup Album Podcast repost

I self-declared 2012 the year of the mashup album,
& released one new mashup collection a month all year long.

I also got featured on a good batch of other mashup compilations.

In this podcast I play you 22 of those mashups.

DJ Useo 2012 The Year Of The Mashup Album Podcast

01-Uncontrollable Hello (Devo vs Cheap Trick)
from 'Are We Not Mashed? A Mashup Tribute To Devo'

02-She Digs Search & Destroy (Iggy Pop & The Stooges vs The Reivers)
from 'What Its Like To Be'

03-Rock It For Me Bloodlines (Dethklok vs Caravan Palace vs Regular Show)
from 'Having A Ball'

04-A Hard Days Monster Mash (Bobby "Boris" Pickett vs The Beatles)
from 'Halloween ep 2012'

05-When Im With You Burning Down The House (Sparks vs Talking Heads)
from 'Sparks For Sparks Sake 2: A Mashup Tribute To Sparks'

06-Kamikaze Numbers (The Dead Sexy Inc vs Acid Girls)
from 'The Best Of DJ Useo Vol.2'

07-Staying Precinct Alive (The Bee Gees vs Stanton Warriors vs Plump DJs)
from 'How To Dance To Mashups'

08-No More Mr Nice Button (The White Stripes vs Alice Cooper)
from 'U Z O'

09-Paperback Writer Now Im Here (Beatles vs Queen)
from 'DJ Useo Presents The Beatles vs Queen'

10-Long Time Creep (Boston vs Radiohead)
from 'Far Out Mashups'

11-Bedrock,Arizona (Public Enemy vs The Flintstones)
from 'Frikkenfrack 5:Useos Strangest Boots'

12-Take Me Home La La Land (Green Velvet & Technotronic ft. John Denver)
from 'Tracks That Are Rarely Travelled...'

13-Crocodile Feeling (Boston vs Elton John)
from 'Sound-Unsound 70s Mashups Album'

14-The Stallion Battalion Wheel of Life (The BossHoss vs The Future Sound Of London)
from 'SUMMER BOOTY 2012'

15-Jamies Cryin Dream On (Depeche Mode vs Van Halen)
from 'DEPECHE MASH - A Mashup Tribute To Depeche Mode'

16-20th Century Vacant (Sex Pistols vs T.Rex)
from 'Never Mash, The Punk Rock-Mashup Punk'

17-Break On Through To The Secret Side (The Doors vs Mission Of Burma)
from 'The 4th Point Of Procrastination'

18--All Roads Lead To Calle Ocho (The Stranglers vs Pitbull)
from 'Sound-Unsound Presents : UK 80s MASHED'

19-Drive My Lonely Heart (Yes vs The Beatles)
from 'You Can't Mash That - Volume #29-Best Beatles Mashups'

20-I Dig Psycho Mantis Rock & Roll Music (Peter, Paul & Mary vs Matteo Poker)
from 'The Institute Of Bootleggers-Classic Sixties Mashups Volume 17'

21-Pretty Sanctuary (The Killers vs The Cult)
from 'Intense Psychedelia 5-Psychedelic Mashups'

22-I Want To Touch Mirror People (Love and Rockets vs Catherine Wheel)
from 'Intense Psychedelia 6-Psychedelic Mashups'

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