Sunday, June 21, 2015

SUMMER BOOTY 2015 The Summer Mashup Album All New!

I present to you the ninth annual all-new
SUMMER BOOTY 2015 The Summer Mashup Album.
It represents 27 producers giving you their idea
of eternal Summer in a mix.

There are great tracks from Voicedude, DJ Zebra, DRA'man, AtoZ,
TjT, DJ Spider, Chocomang, mARKYbOY, Solcofn, DJ Rudec, Mumdy,
& so many more over the course of 3 discs,
and 3 & 1/2 hours.

Enough mashups to last all Summer!

Many thanks to the generous contributors!

Check out the playlists! It's excellent to the last track!

Preview track video from
Voicedude & BobbyG
"Sweet Trouble All Summer"
( Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Hudson Vs Kid Rock + Lynyrd Skynyrd ) here-

Preview 1

Preview track video 2 from
‘Release Yourself 2k15’
( Antoine Clamaran ft Lulu Hughes vs Kylie Minogue ) here-

Preview 2

Mirror links here -

Full Album

All three discs mixed as three mixes ( by me ) here -


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