Friday, February 6, 2015

Best of DJ Useo vol 4

Best Of DJ Useo Volume four!

Again I was blessed to have the Useoettes
tto assist in selection for the tracks on my
new “best of" mashup collection.

They decided to select from the most popular
mixes I'd posted on, Hulkshare, and Soundcloud.

It’s a 2-disc collection composed of 2 zip files with covers, tracks, & text.
Both zips can be accessed from these mirror links-

Disc one -

Link 1

Link 2

Disc two -

Link 1

Link 2

Listen to preview track
"Deep Fever Fear"
( The Black Keys vs Sidekick vs Phobia )

Link 1

or here -

Link 2
the first 3 volumes of my best of are here -

Vol 1-3

Zombie Pheyden toys from OCTOBER TOYS -


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