Sunday, June 24, 2012

SUMMER BOOTY 2012 Videos!

The highly talented contributors to SUMMER BOOTY 2012 also have huge skills at videos For their mixes.Here’s the direct links to some.ENJOY! 01-ELVISFANTA(SAY) AND VOICEDUDE PRESENTS...ELVIS AND JACKSON DUET "MALE MAN" 2012 link 1 02-"Summer Fever" - Bee Gees Vs. Ace Of Base [NEW VOICEDUDE] link 2 03-DmR of AtoZ-Fly Like A Beatle (The Beatles vs Steve Miller) link 3 link 4 04-DmR of AtoZ-Lobster Skelter (The Beatles vs The B-52s) link 5 More will surely appear soon. Expect the links here on GROOVY TIME.

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