Sunday, May 27, 2012

DJ Useo Dance Mashup Mix

These are all tracks I made mixed for dancing. Have fun wearing out your shoes. DJ Useo Dance Mashup Mix Playlist ====================== 01-All Roads Lead To Calle Ocho (The Stranglers vs Pitbull) 02-Automatic Revolution 9 (Superchumbo vs Ultranate vs The Beatles) 03-Music Sounds Better With Ira (Stardust vs Dariush) 04-What Time Is A Deeper Love (Aretha Franklin vs The KLF) (Single Mix) 05-Give It Up Through The Veins (Datarock vs Jon Hopkins) 06-Big Butt Tonight (INXS vs DJ Jed) 07-Cant Find My Mimosa (Swans vs Sirius) 08-Down & Out Of My Mind (John Moore & The Expressway vs Nine Inch Nails) 09-She Blinded Me With Wirdo Birdo (Thomas Dolby vs Flyby) 10-I Will Groove You (Madonna vs Queen) 11-Club Cant Disgust Me (Flo Rida f/ David Guetta vs Manila Presents Partytrooperz) 12-Detachable Ballerup (King Missile vs Annoying Ninjas) 13-Get Hellbent (New Order vs Kid Massive) 14-Lights Down Broken Body (Kissing The Pink vs Kruse & Nurnberg) 15-That Laughing Mashup (Praga Khan vs Crookers) 16- Dear Prudence The Raven (The Beatles vs The Stranglers) =========================== Download 1 Download 2

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