Friday, January 6, 2012

Get Ready For Punk Rock Mashups!

Sound-Unsound the bootleg forum
is releasing a 2-disc punk rock
mashup collection in just a few days.

It's got incredible bootleg mixes
from all the usual SUS sus-pects
like Chocomang,mARKYbOY,& G4Gorilla,
plus many stunning guest tracks by
the memorable likes of DJ Schmolli,
& many more dj's you love to hear.

I have 5 (!) tracks featured onnit,
& heres the list-

01-No Sandman Feelings (Metallica vs The Sex Pistols)
02-Purple Boredom (Jimi Hendrix vs The Buzzcocks)
03-Velvety Creep (Radiohead vs Pixies)
04-20th Century Vacant (Sex Pistols vs T.Rex)
05-Welcome To Tear Apart (Joy Division vs The Libyans)

It's one slamming set,& I know,
because I already heard it all!
There's tracks mashing tons of your
favorite punk rock bands crafted by all your
beloved mashup producers.

So,whether you like punk rock
or whether you like mashups,
this collection is for you.

Check back here in about 3 days!


Budtheweiser said...

I already cant wait lol
looking forward to this and while were are at it Happy New Year Mate to both of you.

DJ Useo said...

You know you were mentioned during the doings.We know you love your punk rock.As do I!
You won't believe it,but Petrushka did a track!

Budtheweiser said...

Hahaha I believe shes very talented Anedys got me back into Beamones stuff with his great new tune glad your both ok and doing well.

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