Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween With Useo 2011 Techno Long Mix

Ready for some scary techno vibes?
Here's my all-new
Halloween With Useo 2011 long mix.


DJ Useo - Halloween With Useo


01-Sample - Rubber Johnny
02-Hellraiser - Hellraiser (Mhf69 Movie Rmx)
03-Ajax - Mind The Gap/7 Inches
04-Crunch-O-Matic - Earthquake (Decibel Mix)
05-Armaggedon - Homocidal Maniac (Electric Dildo Mix)
06-Der Bose Mann - Kommit Mit Mir
07-Friends Of Carlotta - Der Fiend
08-George Lianes - Dreamstate (Krazy)
09-Gruesome Twosome - Hollywood Babylon Revisited (Johnny Favorite Dub)
10-The War Of The Worlds (Collec - The Eve Of The War) (Hani Remix)
11-Mc 900 Ft. Jesus - Too Bad
12-Paracult - Escape From New York (Crazies Arrive Mix)
13-Buckethead - The Shape vs. Buckethead
14-Recall 4 - Contrast (Boing Mix)
15-Rhythm Device - Acid Rock (Orig. Rmx)
16-Split Second - Rigormortis
17-Trilithon - Choice
18-Sample - Rubber Johnny
(+ extra sound effects throughout)



Thanks to mARKYbOY for cover assistance.

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