Friday, March 4, 2011

That Was Awesome:An all-vinyl dance mix

DJ Useo-That Was Awesome

An all-vinyl dance mix. Please to be listening with an ear toward pleasure.


00-The Arrogant Worms-Carrot Juice Is
Murder (Sample)
01-Human Resource-Dominator
(Mental Speed Mix)
02-Euphony-Space Invader
(Scott Brown Mix)
03-Force & Styles-Funfair
(Ham Remix)
04-Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter & JDS
-Let It Lift You
(GBT Hardcore Mix)
05-Space Frog Featuring The Grim Reaper
-X-Ray (Follow Me)
(Spacerunner Mix) (Instrumental)
06-Sandy B-Ain’t No Need To Hide
(Underground Distortion Remix)
07-Tillmann Uhrmacher-On The Run
(Yakooza Remix)
08-Cubic 22-Night In Motion
(Battle Plan Remix)
09-DJ Ham-Life
(Robbie Long & Devastate 2000 Update)
10-The Demoniac-The Reason
11-Stealth-See Me Climb
(Brisk’s Electro Flava Mix)
12-Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime
-Crowd Control
(Vinylgroover Remix)
13-Pulse-The Lover That You Are (Percapella)
14-Remy & Sven-Piano Power
(Alternative Ambient Mix)
15-DJ Demo-I’ve Got A Feeling
(Brisk & Ham Mix)
16-Tiome Twisters-Concert Master
17-Nick Beat-Bow Chi Bow (v.3.0)
18-Stealth – See Me Climb
(Brisk’s Electro Flava Mix)(reprise)
19-Seduction & Dougal-Better Day
20-Fade & Dair-For Your Face
21-2 Damn Tuff-Techno City
22-The Dawning Featuring Lamya Al Mugheiry
23-Go Mental-Sunshine After The Rain
24-The Arrogant Worms-Carrot Juice Is Murder

This mix allowed as currency in some areas.
Check your local listings. Better yet, call the mayor.

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