Saturday, November 7, 2009

It Is 2 Laff-Funny Mashup Collection

Here's an ALL-NEW Collection
of funny mashups.
These are all fake dj names.

Try & guess the actual dj's.
(hint-they're all listed in
the mp3 comments.)

It Is 2 Laff

01-Bringer Of Cheese-Are You Gonna Go Futurama (Slurm Mix)
(Lenny Kravitz vs Futurama)

02-The Beatles-Baby Youre A Rich Man
(Mean Mister Mustards Cry Baby Mix)

(Gorillaz vs Monty Pythons Flying Circus)

04-SpongeMike SquareGlove-Don't Stop The Best Day Ever!
(Michael Jackson vs Spongebob Squarepants)

05-Mandatory Bowel Evacuation-Dead Like Me
(Pussycat Dolls vs The Cyrkle)

06-DJ Bootiestein-Take Me On The Crazy Train
(A-Ha vs Ozzy Osbourne)

07-DJ Bag Arse-Comin After You From St. Louis
(Billy Taylor vs MC Ren feat. Ice Cube)

08-Dick Sinormous-Austin Bootleg
(Quincy Jones vs Peaches vs Mike Myers)

09-DJ TBA-My Bonanza Hump
(Black Eyed Peas vs Bonanza theme)

10-DJ Getalife-Old McCartney Had A Farm
(Elvis Presley vs Paul McCartney)

11-Mash Puppies-Wag The Dog
(The Wiggles vs Baha Men)

12-Mr Jefferson-Michael Jackson Is Alive
(L.A. Style vs South Park)

13-DJ Peter Parker-Another Brick In The Classroom
(Pink Floyd vs Grange Hill)

14-Frostedo Flakeo-Edna Selecta
(Strapped vs Jojo San Martin DJ)

15-Wally Bood-Dont Cha Belong With Me
(Taylor Swift vs Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes)

16-DJ Benny Hill-Tales Of The Unexpected
(Deee-Lite vs Benny Hill)

17-Frostedo Flakeo-Are You Getting Any Bodybase?
(Cartoon Planet Band vs Time Reactor)

18-DJ Retired-Somewhere My Power Rocker Love
(Marx Brothers vs Alter Ego vs Master Of Sciences)

19-Riddim Skulker-Only The Chipmunks Die Young
(Billy Joel vs Cactus)

Link here-
Link 1

Link here-
Link 2

Last years version is now
available remastered.
Laff 1

Thanks to all contributors.


Corey said...

These mashups are so creative. I was looking for an add to cart button but I found your download link instead. Thanks, they are sweeeet.

Corey Fischer
My Blog: iRenew Bracelet

Konrad Useo said...

Thanks for the words. Glad you liked it. Amazingly, the 3rd volume will be out very soon!

Unknown said...

I apparently have the first and the third of these, but I somehow don't have the second one.

Any chance you will re-upload It Is To Laff 2? I would love to hear this one.

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