Monday, August 10, 2009

Sparks For Sparks' Sake: A Bootleg Tribute To Sparks NEW LINK

Here's an all-new collection
I made just for fans of SPARKS,
like me.

With 21 studio albums,there was lots
of inspiration to draw on.
Be sure & check out their records
if you haven't already.

DJ Useo Sparks For Sparks' Sake
:A Bootleg Tribute To Sparks
01-Balls Not Woz
(Sparks vs Eric Prydz & Steve Angelo)

02-All You Ever Think About Is Sexy Boy
(Sparks vs Air)

03-Everything More Than A Sex Machine
(Sparks vs Troid vs Uruz)

04-Dick Around Solar System
(Sparks vs Dynamic vs Boma)

05-Japanese God
(Sparks vs Juno Reactor)

06-We Rock & Dance Godammit
(Sparks vs Supersonic)

07-Biology 2 For Life
(Sparks vs Above & Beyond vs Andy Moor)

(Sparks vs Altern8)

09-Breaking Out Of Reason
(Sparks vs Asteroide)

10-Music In My Brain That I Can Dance To
(Sparks vs Beat Gate)

(Sparks vs Jamirioquai vs Team Radio)

12-Lullaby Of Cool Places
(Sparks vs Everything But The Girl)

(DJ Useo Palindrome Remix)

14-Lighten Up Creepy
(Sparks vs Boltan vs Mightyfools)


Zip files here-

link 1
link 2


Maels said...

Thanks for this labour of love. I've taken the liberty to post it on the Sparks Facebook page.

Best wishes,

PS: Should you be interested in rare or live recordings by Sparks, please contact me at

Konrad Useo said...

Glad you enjoyed it. It's a pleasure to 'meet' someone who loves Ron & Russell's music as much as me.
Here's the sequel to this tribute album -
Thanks for leaving words.

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