Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ramdom Thoughts 107- w/DJ Useo

I was recently gifted with the opportunity to guest-host
Scott Thompson's popular mashup/remix podcast-Ramdom Thoughts.
Response was good,so look forward soon to another with me hosting.

This episode features tracks by bootleggers not currently
on the scene.If you like their tracks,write & ask them to make more.

Ramdom Thoughts 107 - DJ Useo
01-DJ Gumby-Green Day Stew Or 6 To 4
(Green Day vs Chicago)

02-Ultimo-Up The Glitterbeat (KLF vs Gary Glitter)

03-Dsico-Two Turntables Are Ice (Beck vs Ice T)

04-Smash-Wild Rock Music
(Madonna vs Steppenwolf vs Apollo 440 vs Ike & Tina Turner)

05-Cropstar-Vine's Got A Temper (Prodigy vs The Vines)

06-Jirob-Where's Your Talking Head At?
(Talking Heads vs Basement Jaxx)

07-JPL-Stuck In The Middle With Vanity
(Stealers Wheel vs Vanity 6)

08-Empire State Human-Roxy (Put On The Red Light)
(Laurel Aitken vs Fat Truckers)

09-Pictures Of Gangsta Love
(Status Quo vs Eve f/Alicia Keyes)

10-MixMasterMac-Pictures Of Gangsta Love
(Status Quo vs Eve f/Alicia Keyes)

11-Rolo The Trucker-Lemon Head
(Gary Jules vs Lemon Jelly vs Portishead)

12-The Father (aka Soundwasta)-Recycling (A Capellas)
(As'st/including Madonna,Nirvana,Incubus,Basement Jaxx,Mousse T)

13-Mgee-Intergalactic (Time Complex)
(Beastie Boys vs Steve Miller Band)

14-Dinbot-Hot Buttered Bizkits (Limp Bizkit vs Hot Butter)

15-Osymyso-California Nightmare
(Mama's & The Papa's vs Micronauts)

16-Hideous Wheel Invention-Too Sexy For My Roy
(Prodigy vs Right Said Fred vs White Stripes vs YMO)

17-Tristan Shout-We Are All Made Of Dead Stars
(Moby vs Covenant)

18-STvD-Blacksmiths (Smiths vs Blackstreet)

19-Metamix-Music On Ecstasy
(Madonna vs Lesbians On Ecstasy)

20-FBS Threads-Music Sounds Better With My Satisfaction
(Stardust vs Benny Benassi)

21-Mr. Fister-Baby Got A Secret
(Prodigy vs Queens Of The Stone Age)

22-DJ Hustler-Groove Is In The Hand That Feeds
(Dee-lite vs NIN)

23-Mr.Wig-Coochie Excuse (Soulwax vs Princess Superstar)

24-Drop FiftyOne-Nowhere To Ooh La Lah
(Wiseguys vs Martha Reeves)

25-DJ Godzilla-D.Mode Megamix


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