Sunday, May 4, 2008

DJ Useo Qradips Show (1:12:44)

DJ Useo Qradips Show (Live For Global DJ Network)(4/26/08)
01-Alex H-Elephants On Parade
02-DJCBoast-No Milk For The Lucky Man
03-Chaos Productions-My Other Car Is A Beatle
04-Pop Razors-There's The Doorzzzz
05-Kawahira-Brown-Toothed Girl
06-The Freelance Hellraiser-Marshall's Been Done To Death
05-Go Home Productions-Ray Of Gob
06-Dinbot-Tom's Penis
07-DJ Useo-20 Pellas
08-Agent Lovelette-Stayceesmomzabitch
09-DJ Useo-Born To Be Underground (Effects Version)
10-DJ Useo-It's A Rob Roy World
11-DJ Useo-All Is Boy
12-DJ Useo-The Promiseland Green Door
14-Dinbot-Hot-Buttered Bizkits
15-DJ Useo-Hey Kids
16-Alec Smart-Green Onions
17-Queso-Can I Have It Like That
18-MP3J-Tomorrow Never Knows,Closer Rock 'n Roll
19-Angry Mofo-A Vegas Story
20-Alec Smart-Back Once Again
21-Aggro1-Feel Simple,Inc.



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