Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Entire (80s 12 vinyl Mix) (1:14:41)

An all-eighties vinyl set.
Note that mixing is done alphabetically by title of song,
to make it more of a challenge.

DJ Useo - Entire

01-Captain Sensible-Average Worker (b-side)
02-The Stranglers-Bear Cage (7″)
03-Renegade Soundwave-Biting My Nails (12″)
04-Adam Ant-Bruce Lee (12″)
05-Danielle Dax-Cathouse (12″)
06–A House-Call Me Blue (12″)
07-Polyrock-Cries & Whispers (12″)
08-Devo -Deep Sleep (12″)
09-Blancmange-Don’t Tell Me (12″)
10-Bill Nelson-Eros Arriving (12″)
11-Horizontal Brian-Ex-Army Boy (12″)
12-Bass-O-Matic-Fascinating Rhythm
(Soul Odyssey Remix) (12″)
13-Nervous Rex-Go Go Girl (12″)
14-Tin Tin-Hold It (12″)
15-Comsat Angels-Island Heart (12″)
16-Ministry-I Wanted To Tell Her (12″)
17-The The-Infected (12″)
18-YELLo-Lost Again (12″)
19-John Foxx-No One Driving (12″)
20-Tear Garden-Ophelia (12″)
21-Was Not Was-Shake Your Head (12″)
22-A Flock of Seagulls-Space Age Love Song (12″)
23-The High-Up and Down (12″)
24-Pete Shelley-Witness The Change (12″)
25-Gene Loves Jezebel-Worth Waiting For (12″)
26-Captain Sensible-Average Worker (reprise)

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