Monday, July 19, 2010

Old Skool Rock 2 - Mashup Mix

DJ Useo-Old Skool Rock 2 - Mashup Mix

01-Fettdog-Boyz R Gonna Go Rock (Yazoo vs ?)
02-Irn Minky-Supreme Wedding
(The Supremes vs Billy Idol)
03-Go Home Productions - Xtina Van Halen
(Girls Jump)(Xtina vs Van Halen)
04-Miss Frenchie-Smoke On The Purple
(Deep Purple vs The Rolling Stones)
05-Rush-Tom Sawyer (DJ Z-Trip Remix)
06-Aggro1-Lynyrd Skynyrd-Simple Man vs
Gorillaz-Feel Good Inc
07-Dj Mei-Lwun-Sweet Home Country Grammar '05
(Lynyrd Skynyrd vs Nelly)
08-Audiodile-The Way To Dirty Fame
(Don Henley vs David Bowie)
10-Totom-The Hand Thats No Fun (Trentless Mix)
(Iggy Pop vs NIN)
11-Bangers & Mash-The Beds Are On Fire
(Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three vs Midnight Oil)
12-Noisehead-Never Win In The Wall
(Fischerspooner vs Pink Floyd)
13-Jimmi Jammes-War Cowboys
(Black Sabbath vs ?)
14-The Sex Pistols-Anarchy (DJ Zebra Remix)
15-The Doors-Light My Fire (Dj Bageera Reggae Mix)
16-Aggro1-Dirty Deeds Will Rock You
(Queen vs AC/DC)
17-Foreigner-Feels Like the First Time (The Hitmaker Remix))
18-DJ Tripp-Submilkshake (Kelis vs The Sex Pistols)
19-Dj Top Cat-Sharp Dressed & Fly (Remixed)
(Three Six Mafia vs ZZ Top)
20-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-DJ Useo-When the Levee gets
A Lil Dope Silence
(Delerium vs Led Zeppelin vs Poet vs Masters At Work)
21-Lenlow-Mercedes Beck (Janis Joplin vs Beck)

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