Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Terror-Long Mix

DJ Useo-Halloween Terror!!!
May the mock fear of the Halloween season
delight you till it doesn't!
01-Godzilla Approaches (Sound Effects) -Akira Ifukube
02-King Kong Vs. Godzilla: Helicopter/Man Screams/SOS FX
-Akira Ifukube
03-Godzilla -Blue Oyster Cult
04-Rodan Attacks Fukuoka II -Akira Ifukube
05-Dinner With Drac -Zacherle
06-Dream Attack(A Nightmare on Elm Street OST)
-Charles Bernstein
07-Main Title (Plan 9 From Out Space OST) -Trevor Duncan
08-She Dead -The Zombeatles
09-The Evil Hole (Alternate)(The Gate OST)
-Michael Hoenig and J. Peter Robinson
10-Theme From Dracula -Swan Lake
11-Head Off -Electric Sex Circus
12-Monsters Wedding -The Aquabats
13-Give Her The Ax (Evil Dead OST) -Joseph LoDuca
14-Halloween Is Black As Night -Jackson C Frank
15-Haunted Mansion Disney Theme Parks -Disneyland
16-At The House Of Frankenstein -Big Bee Kornegay
17-Trick Or Treat -Nekromantix
18-The Twilight Zone '85 (Main Title)
19-The Simpsons Halloween Special -The Simpsons
20-The Creature -Buchanan and Ancell
21-Moving Corpses (Martyrs OST) -Seppuku Paradigm
22-The Sneak -Club Royal Orchestra
23-The Day The Earth Stood Still -Bernard Hermann
24-Billy The Monster -The Deviants
25-Track 02(Earth Vs The Spider OST) -George Worthing Yates
26-(Don't Forget To) Breathe -The Visitor
27-Camp Blood New/Main Title (Friday the 13th) -Harry Manfredini
28-Walk Like A Zombie -HorrorPops
29-I'm Hungry -Peter Lorre
30-Helpless (Cassette Only) -Oingo Boingo
31-Don't Just Stand There -Milton DeLugg
32-Splash Dance (Maniac Cop OST) -Jay Chattaway
33-Sponge Bob Scaredy Pants -Squidward
34-You Make Me Feel Like a Monster (Shoobie Doobie Moon)(Creepshow)
-John Harrison
35-Witch Doctor -Devo
36-Outro -Elvira
37-Haunted Mansion/Walt Disney World Special -Haunted Mansion

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