Friday, May 7, 2010

DJ Useo-Sixties Rock Express (1:15:01)

Here's more lost 60's Psychedelic
Rock for all youse who keep asking for more.
Thanks for writing.

DJ Useo-Sixties Rock Express
00-Rainbow-Mary Lou
01-Joseph - Trick Bag
02-Atomic Rooster - Break The Ice
03-Kahvas Jute - Free
04-Fifty Foot Hose - If Not This Time
05-Mutzie - Highway
06-Phantom's Divine Comedy - Calm Before The Storm
07-Peacepipe - Angel Of Love
08-Plastic Penny - Your Way To Tell Me Go
09-Flying Machine - The Devil Has Possession Of Your Soul
10-The Damnation of Adam Blessing - Cookbook
11-Majic Ship - Cosmo's Theme
12-Kim Fowley - Love Is Alive And Well
13-Floating Bridge - Watch Your Step
14-The David - I Don't Care
15-Hay Market Square - Phantasmagoria
16-Harumi - Talk About It
17-Warren S. Richardson Jr. - Easy Rider
18-The Surprise Package - New Way Home
19-The Stone Garden - Oceans Inside Me (Ripcord)
20-The United States of america - Hard Coming Love
21-Golden Dawn - Evolution


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