Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Of The Podcast - All New Mashups Show

Here's a new podcast with all new mashups by many of the best posting.
Thanks to the mixers & artists.

Day Of The Podcast w/ DJ Useo


01-DJ Newlight-Popiholla Catch (Kosheen vs Chicane)
02-Soulsearcher- Can't Get Enough (Winkar Lopez Remix)
03-DJ Moule-Heard My Way Through The 80's (Calvin Harris vs
Marvin Gaye Vs Lenny Kravitz)
04-Party Ben-Satisfaction Skank (Party Ben's version)
(Rolling Stones vs Fatboy Slim)
05-Marc Johnce-Automatic Divine (Sebastien Tellier vs
Jay Jay Johanson vs Roger Sanchez f/ Lisa Pure)
06-Fidget Freeman-Mad Freak Run Y'all (Jackinori vs Scott Cooper)
07-DJ Spider-Release Lola (Shapeshifters vs. Agnes)
08-DJ Magnet-Hives Wedding (Billy Idol vs the Hives vs Martin Solveig)
09-The Homogenicchaos-Boy! You Know The Love On My Mind
(Freemasons vs Alanis Morrisette vs Beyonce vs David Guetta vs Everlast)
10-DJ Morgoth-Du Hast Mich Again (The Chemical Brothers vs. Rammstein)
11-Guv'Nor-Beastie Beats (Beastie Boys vs Chemical Brothers)
12-DJ Useo-Balls In The Air (The Metal Pixies vs Na-Goyah)
13-ToTom-Smells like 2 Songs (Nirvana vs Blur)
14-Voicedude-Disco Burning (Extended Version)
15-DJ Earworm-Beautiful Mashup (Sean Kingston vs DJ Earworm)
16-DJ Le Clown-Middle Of The Line (Gainsbourg vs The Dodoz)
17-mARKYbOY-Stop! In the Name of Heartache (Bonnie Tyler vs Supremes)
18-DJ Useo-Make Me Suffer (Tears For Fears vs Daz The Dominant)

Download 1
Download 2

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