Saturday, July 25, 2009

DJ Useo-Infant Terrible (80's new wave mix)

Here's some remixed,remastered,
80's new wave tracks,
all from vinyl & laden with samples.

These are intended to display the variety of the period.
The opening track clearly is an influential ancestor.

DJ Useo-Infant Terrible (80's new wave mix)


01-Roxy Music-Re-Make/Re-Model
02-The Dukes Of Stratosphere-What In The World
03-Devo-Wiggly World
04-Human Sexual Response-Unba Unba
05-Squeeze-There's No Tomorrow
06-The Flying Lizards-TV
07-Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark-The New Stone Age
08-Human League-The Black Hit Of Space
09-Was (Not Was)-Shake Your Head
10-Dislocation Dance-Roof Is Leaking
11-The Stranglers-Rok It To The Moon
12-Sunburban Lawns-When In The World
13-Punishment Of Luxury-Radar Bug/ Metropolis
16-Trio-Drrei Mann Im Doppelbett
17-New Musik-Green and Red (Respectively)
18-The Art Of Noise-Close (To The Edit)
19-Sparks-Biology 2
20-Landscape-The Doll's House



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